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View from the top – is your high performer the real deal?

By May 26, 2015January 17th, 2019Performance

As a leader you’re only too aware of the need to balance your time between ensuring organisational goals are achieved and developing the individuals who work for you.  Many of your team are good, solid, reliable workers but are they high performers?

A high performer is not just someone who does their job well – they go beyond that.  High performers consistently exceed performance expectations, they go beyond good enough to strive for excellence in standards and results.  They do this by doing their jobs well but also in the way they conduct themselves.  Think of your colleagues whom you would classify as top performers – it’s not just what they do but what they are like to be around.  They are positive and forward looking, discerning and constructive in their criticism and tend to take an approach that says, “how can we make this work”, rather than “let me tell you 50 reasons why it won’t”.  You don’t have to pick your times with them, nag or cajole them into getting things done, nor do you need to constantly hold their hand and mop their feverish brow.  In short, they are radiators, not drains.

Playing to your strengths is key if you wish to be successful.  However, there’s an element of the “have a go hero” to the high performer.  They know their strengths and their limitations, but they are prepared to dip their toe into the unknown if it means they and their organisation will gain as a result.  So they are the ones who don’t have their eyes down for a full house when you come looking for volunteers.  They put their hand up to lead a new project, take part in a pilot and work across teams to achieve a better result.

By now you may be thinking (with your head in your hands) that you haven’t got any of them and you’d jolly well like at least one high performer in the team.  Don’t despair.  You may well have one or more in the making and we have worked extensively with people suffering from untapped potential.  They just need the right leadership, development and coaching to help them unlock their talents.

And even if you’re overflowing with brilliant people, brilliance is only maintained with refining, updating and regular care – and that is where we come in.

Work with us and your good people will get even better.