“Strength lies in differences not in similarities”

– Stephen Covey


“Great things in business are never done by one person”

- Steve Jobs


“A boss has the title; a leader has the people”

- Simon Sinek

We are a learning and development consultancy specialising in facilitation and coaching for team and leadership excellence.

Leadership and Management Development

Used to be an expensive three week programme removed from your business.

Our way is grown up, rooted in reality and about results.

Team Development

Used to be abseiling, uncomfortable trust exercises and a one off.

Our way uses your world, your issues and harnesses the wisdom of your people to create a high performing team.

Personal Effectiveness

Used to be a menu of courses to tick off leaving you feeling like you are on a production line.

Our way puts you at the centre so you can make the impact you need to make when you need to make it.

Executive Coaching

Used to be a senior management perk clouded in mystery.

Our way accesses all areas so you can think through challenges and solve your problems wherever you are in your career.

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We like working with Sharpstone Skinner because the delivery is clear, precise and concise, and thankfully it is jargon free. Our students respond well to enthusiastic, confident and passionate people and Sharpstone Skinner embody all those qualities.

Deputy Head of Upper College, Cheltenham College, Daniel Evans

They take the time to get to know us properly, the sessions are a good mixture of the practical and implementable (with the odd helpful theoretical input) and because it tends to be down to earth, fun but challenging. They’re good at what they do and have helped us get better as an organisation.

Chief Executive, The Outward Bound Trust, Nick Barrett

Staff are more engaged and morale is consistently higher across all areas of the business.

Epoq­­­­ Chief Executive Hillel Horwitz