A valuable person has more to offer than just their technical know-how

High performers have the ability to present with impact, handle difficult people with elegance, bring a problem and a solution and leave everyone else standing in the art of developing customer relations.

Individuals who are not stretched remain average. They never quite nail that pitch, solve their own problems or find better ways to bring value.

But what if you want to be more, do better and contribute brilliantly, but you’re just not there yet? We work extensively with individuals like you. We use our own experience and skill, together with our years of observing talented people. We know what makes the difference between good and great and armed with that knowledge, we can help you get there.

Workshops covering a range of subjects – never standard, always designed freshly for you. We can also cover all of these in one to one sessions.

Personal Effectiveness

Introductory presentation skills

All you need to know if you’re new to presenting

What will you learn?

  • How to consider the purpose, objective and audience in your presentation
  • How to gather and structure your material in a logical way
  • How to present using relevant visuals, congruent body language and lessen the effect of nerves

What will you be able to do?

  • Plan and prepare a solid presentation to inform or convince and persuade
  • Present in a confident and controlled way to get your message across
  • Use visuals to enhance your message not swamp it

Our bold claim for business impact

  • People who can competently put across material to help make decisions, keep people informed or enhance your profile
  • More people who can competently turn their hand to designing and delivering good quality presentations
  • Lowered stress levels for people who have to present but dread it

Advanced presentation skills

Hone your skills to make an impact with advanced speaking, pitching and handling audience interaction

What will you learn?

  • How to prepare for, structure and deliver high quality presentations
  • How to take questions and deal with interaction
  • How to excel – visually and vocally

What will you be able to do?

  • Present superbly, in a range of settings to audiences large and small, welcoming and hostile
  • Master the art of getting your point across and making the ask
  • Win more pitches for your organisation
  • Others will call on you to be part of their presentation team for your ability to both design and deliver high impact presentations

Our bold claim for business impact

  • More pitches won for business and partnerships
  • A pool of highly skilled speakers you can call on for a variety of purposes
  • High standard of internal communications to inspire and inform your people

Developing personal resilience

Live to fight another day, develop a positive, problem solving approach and a healthy attitude to working life’s ups and downs

What will you learn?

  • The mind-set you need to insulate your from stress and thrive on challenge
  • Techniques that will help you develop even more resilience
  • How to bounce back from challenges and adversity
  • How to organise yourself to keep the pressure down
  • Create a healthy work environment for ongoing support

What will you be able to do?

  • Remain resilient in the face of pressure and change
  • Face the next challenge and feel positive about your work and working environment
  • Gain back precious hours and days that you might have lost to fretting, feeling ill and being exhausted
  • Insulate yourself from stress in the long term and in the short term use techniques to lessen its impact.

Our bold claim for business impact

  1. Lower sickness and absence as your people manage themselves through adversity
  2. A healthier working environment influenced by understanding what your people need to thrive
  3. More gets done, people are more productive and can focus on achievement
  4. You become an employer of choice as word spreads that you support people in their desire to be resilient at work

Managing conflict

Identify how and why it is occurring, get your mind-set right for dealing with conflict, use techniques to help mend and maintain relationships

What will you learn?

  • How and why conflict occurs at work
  • Your own style of dealing with conflict and other options you could add in
  • The art of resolving conflict
  • Ways to build lasting customer and colleague relationships

What will you be able to do?

  • Delight customers and colleagues with your skilful but genuine customer relationship skills
  • Resolve conflict – deal with the mole hills before they become mountains
  • Create loyal relationships with customers who seek you out because they like dealing with you
  • Conflicts will be dealt with and solved and relationships improved
  • Sleep better not worrying about a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding

Our bold claim for business impact

  1. Loyal customers who like dealing with skilful, professional staff
  2. Crucial business information about what needs to be put right as you staff skilfully deal with complaints and get to the root of it
  3. Customers recommending your organisation to others
  4. Higher productivity as time is saved because everyone is working towards the same end point.

Personal impact

Improve your interpersonal skills, ask for what you want, be a better influencer and develop excellent and more honest relationships and negotiate assertively

What will you learn?

  • The skills of problem solving, negotiating and influencing
  • How to communicate with clarity
  • Ways to adapt your approach to deal with a range of key people in your working life
  • How to make the best of your strengths and work on any weak areas

What will you be able to do?

  • Deal with your priorities
  • Get things done on time and be a safe pair of hands others can rely on and seek out to join them on key projects
  • Be adaptable and flexible when working with others to get the best results
  • Solve problems with rigour and influence others to your viewpoint
  • Develop strong, long lasting, equal working relationships

Our bold claim for business impact

  1. More gets done and not just to keep things ticking over, you’ll make progress.
  2. Problems will be solved and better solutions found
  3. Your people will work better together because they communicate well, have a positive outlook and are willing to adapt their style to welcome all comers
  4. Higher performance through people being open to learning and gaining valuable new experiences as they go.

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