Sit up and listen – Part 2

In our September newsletter, we explored one subject we love to present on, when we speak at conferences.  And we promised a second theme so here it is.  Something key, that is making our audiences sit up and listen. This one is about leadership and our thoughts on what leaders need to grasp to thrive in changing times.  Our thoughts…
Sharpstone Skinner
November 13, 2019

You and I need to talk

Imagine you are in your regular team meeting; everything is going to plan then the usual thing happens. John starts moaning. Off he goes on some rant about how a decision made by ‘them up there’ is ridiculous, impractical and shows how rubbish ‘they’ are. Everyone starts looking anywhere but at him, and your meeting gets derailed yet again. You…
Sharpstone Skinner
July 30, 2019

Nice things come in small packages

(or how to think big even if your team, department or organisation is small) If you are a leader in a smallish organisation you know you need to be a master of many trades.  You are expected to handle high level strategic and low level operational tasks with equal flair.  You may burn the midnight oil preparing a pitch that…
Sharpstone Skinner
February 25, 2019

Tell them to put their laptops away

We all know that group work starts with an ice breaker, expectations and ground rules. It is an important section to warm everyone up and get us all agreeing to how we will work together. On the ground rules someone will often mention putting phones and laptops away. For us this is common courtesy yet for some teams we work…
Sharpstone Skinner
March 19, 2018