We believe that understanding yourself, understanding others, and learning how to work together in a positive way, is not a luxury – it’s a necessity and the gateway to success for your people, your leaders, your teams and your entire organisation.

In the face of an ever-changing world, organisations are constantly confronting new business challenges, undergoing profound change and being asked to shift direction in order to meet new and tougher expectations than ever before.

Many of our solutions involve an underpinning of self-awareness and the valuing of differences in others, that’s why we are Licensed Practitioners of the Insights model. We believe it is a great framework to begin conversations around differences and how to harness them for higher performance and greater wellbeing.


How do we use Insights Discovery for Personal Effectiveness?

Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues. Uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.

How does it work?

Insights Discovery uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand your unique preferences. We measure these preferences based on responses to a short online evaluator. One of the outputs is a 20 page personality profile, which identifies your strengths and areas for development.

Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated and refined by the Insights organisation research team to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.

Our bold claim for business impact

  • Increased communication and collaboration, your teams, department and organisation will work together more effectively.
  • Improved personal effectiveness as individuals identify areas of strength and help create a self-managed development plan developing leaders and individuals
  • Assess and harness individual and collective strengths to enhance crucial business skills.
  • Take self-awareness to the next level as your people give peers, managers and customers the opportunity to provide feedback on an individual basis.

How do we use Insights Discovery for Leadership and Management development?

As part of our wider Leadership and Management development offering we use Insights Discovery to develop your people skills.

How does it work?

Using the world-leading diagnostic, Insights Discovery, we will work with you to explore your leadership preferences and capabilities in a practical and accessible way.

Our bold claim for business impact

  • Strong and balanced leaders that produce results whatever the business climate
  • Potential released and realised as your leaders skilfully coach and enable their teams
  • Influencing key stakeholders, your leaders will modify their approach to form more effective relationships.

How do we use Insights Team Effectiveness?

In every team events occur which have a dramatic effect on team motivation and performance – we call these Defining Moments. Insights Team Effectiveness is a simple and accessible framework that allows you to explore your team’s Defining Moments, both positive and negative.

Based on the Insights Discovery model, Insights Team Effectiveness enables you to identify the most pressing and important issues for your team’s development. We can help you diagnose problems and opportunities, prevent failure and dramatically increase your team’s chances of success.

Our bold claim for business impact

  • Your teams will move to high performance  using the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and the Team Effectiveness model to increase productivity and performance
  • Increased team engagement as individuals assess the impact they make and how they can work better with colleagues
  • Creating a continuous development culture as challenges are identified and then continuously monitored to improve the team’s ability to face these challenges.

How do we use Insights Discovery and Discovery Full Circle in coaching?

With an Insights Discovery profile you can identify your strengths and areas of development. You may use Insights Discovery as the basis of a personal development session or as part of a Team Coaching process where team members are supported to be the best co-worker they can be. You might want to go a step further with Insights Discovery Full Circle, a 360 tool to use for feedback from peers, staff and senior managers around how they perceive you.

Our bold claim for business impact

  • Engaged staff who are your greatest advocate for the power of development and ongoing learning as a way to drive performance
  • Higher productivity as individuals harness their strengths and learn that areas of development are just challenges to overcome
  • Motivated staff who are loyal to you as they feel valued and able to make an impact on results.

All Insights’ programmes are:

  • Simple: easy to understand and remember so everyone can apply what they learn
  • Universal: they speak to everyone – your whole organisation will be captivated by the Insights’ magic
  • Deeply Insightful: they take you places that you never expected
  • Positive: the supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change
  • Fun! Energetic and vibrant experiences that create real excitement