The Sharpstone Skinner ‘How To’ Webinar Series

One hour, one price, up to 100 people, packed with practical tips – our 2021 How To series

Towards the end of last year, we developed a series of 6 x one-hour webinars, designed to make our clients think, learn and laugh through some dark days.  And they seemed to hit the right note.  Here’s what one of our clients said about them: 

“I commissioned a series of six ‘wellbeing webinars’ as the second wave of Covid was looming. At the time I was keen to ensure my business was doing something to help staff feel connected to their colleagues and the organisation, as well as providing strategies, ideas and resources to maintain motivation through what was likely to be a challenging winter. Having worked with Sharpstone Skinner previously, I felt confident that their energetic style and ability to present material in a way that engages staff working at different levels of seniority would provide exactly what we required. I wasn’t wrong – the sessions were very well received; the contents became a talking point in teams and many staff were sufficiently interested to hunt down the reading materials or TED talks that were suggested. I felt the series represented great value and I’m already thinking about what we might do with Sharpstone Skinner in the Spring to build on its success. I’d thoroughly recommend it to others thinking of going down this route.”

Claire Kober, Managing Director, Homes.  Pinnacle Group

Here’s how it works.  Each Webinar is 1 hour long on Zoom for up to 100 people.  They include a mix of energetic presentation, polls, exercises and video clips.  Questions are encouraged and can be asked live or typed in to the Chat.  Or people can just dial in and listen.  While most of our clients go for all 6 sessions, you can always omit one or two if you prefer a shorter series.  Sessions can be recorded and summary slides sent out after each session.  We provide the link – you publicise the sessions, send the link out to attendees, monitor the numbers and nominate someone to introduce the sessions.


Session Overviews


Session 1: How to get your head in the right place for success

Mind-set is everything.  It decides your day, your actions and your interactions.  This hour will focus on how to develop the right mind-set for high performance and commitment as well as how to encourage the same in others and avoid apathy, stress or comfort, clearing the way for energetic working.

Session 2: How to maintain resilience in tough times

Resilience – along with furlough and unprecedented, has to be among the most used words of 2020.  But what does it really mean to be resilient and how do you maintain resilience when times are tough?  The good news is – it’s not a superpower.  People (including you) display resilience every day.  It can be learned, developed and honed in yourself and others.  This hour will help you find out how.

Session 3: How to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty

Humans are hard-wired to seek out stability. We are habit-forming creatures. This doesn’t always serve us well in uncertain times.  Not knowing how things will turn out actually has its benefits.  It can make for a more exciting and stretching working life and it definitely enables you to learn more.  This hour will focus on the value of grey area and how to navigate an uncertain working world.

Session 4: How to stay motivated

You’re a person not a machine.  You will have your good days and bad days, especially at the moment.  Those who wrote about motivation decades ago still have so much to say that is relevant to today.  This hour will focus on motivation theories old and new and how you can use them help you skip to work (even if that means skipping in to the next room) day after day and maintain a high level of motivation in yourself and others.

Session 5: How to make remote communication work

As a new year dawns on this strange new world, we are now all Zoom/Teams/WebEx aficionados. But they are purely media for communication.  It is how you use them and other tools which make the difference between dull, dry comms that get you nowhere and something that stands apart, ignites interest and generates action.  This hour will be packed with hints and tips on how to get the best out of communicating one to one and in groups and teams – until we can all meet again.

Session 6: How to think creatively

Creative thinking used to be the preserve of creative jobs.  Nowadays we all need to think creatively to solve problems, break deadlocks and arrive at better ways. This hour will define what creative thinking is, how you do it and what tools you can use to get you to better at solutions.  No bean bags, “thinking outside the box” or brainstorming.  Just real techniques for real people.


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