“How To” Series for Managers

These three seminars are run in-house for you and your management team

“How to” Manage Hybrid Teams

Hybrid working, the new normal, post-pandemic working – whatever you call it, it’s coming our way. Our series of one-hour sessions will help you prepare and plan for the dawning of the new way of working. From designing the workplace, building a motivational environment and dealing with difficult situations, our sessions are full of practical steps that are easy to implement.

Session one – “How to” Design what work will look like

Whatever you have learned about what works and what doesn’t over the last 18 months, it is time to put that learning into action. There may be a strong business case for working differently, but how it looks will vary from one set-up to another. In this first session, we look at how you get back to basics with your team, its purpose and how it needs to work to be at its best. We’ll talk about checking skills gaps, assessing roles for flexible working and practical steps to manage the next phase of work with clarity and opportunity.

Session one – “How to” Manage and motivate after all we’ve been through

At this stage, you are probably the oracle on keeping people engaged. You have bent over backwards to accommodate people and their needs – and are they happy? Yes and no. Motivation is a fascinating and peculiar concept. It always has been and never more so than now. So, we devote session two to it and your role in creating a motivational environment for your team. First, we explore what support has looked like in the recent past and what it needs to look like from now. Second, look at research on what keeps people up at night and what you can do to help them get more sleep. Third, examine the balancing force of challenge and its link to achievement. And finally, practical steps to empower your people in the hybrid world.

Session three – “How to” Navigate the bumps in the road and stay one step ahead

Management is fairly straightforward – until you factor in the people. They can be pretty tricky. They express opinions and all sorts. They don’t always play ball. And sometimes with good reason but in ways, you could well do without. So, in this final session, we take the bull by the horns and help you establish where you are in this transitionary stage, where they are and how you can stay a step ahead to lead and support them. Then, we’ll tackle tricky conversations you may need to have around boundaries, hybrid working and expectations to help you come through (relatively) unscathed.


Each session is one hour long, on Zoom for up to 100 people and includes a mix of energetic presentations, polls, exercises and video clips. You purchase the three-session package for one price. Questions are encouraged and can be asked live or typed into the Chat. In addition, sessions can be recorded and summary slides sent out after each session for those unable to attend.

We provide the Zoom link – you publicise the sessions, send the link out to attendees, monitor the numbers and nominate someone to introduce the sessions.

Feedback from our most recent “How To” series:

“I commissioned a series of six ‘wellbeing webinars’ as the second wave of Covid was looming. At the time, I was keen to ensure my business was doing something to help staff feel connected to their colleagues and the organisation, as well as providing strategies, ideas and resources to maintain motivation through what was likely to be a challenging winter. Having worked with Sharpstone Skinner previously, I felt confident that their energetic style and ability to present material in a way that engages staff working at different levels of seniority would provide exactly what we required. I wasn’t wrong – the sessions were very well received; the contents became a talking point in teams and many staff were sufficiently interested to hunt down the reading materials or TED talks suggested. I felt the series represented great value and I’m already thinking about what we might do to build on its success. I’d thoroughly recommend it to others thinking of going down this route.”

Claire Kober, Managing Director, Homes.  Pinnacle Group


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