“Great leaders motivate and inspire people with why they’re doing it. That’s purpose. And that’s the key to achieving something truly transformational.”

Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin

The dream team is focussed on results and clear about how those results impact on the purpose of the organisation they work in. To achieve those results they harness the strengths of the team, working together in an energetic, committed way to build trust and credibility as individuals and as a team.

How can your team be one that dreams big? We have several approaches that will get you there.

Team Development

Systemic Team Coaching

Take your team through a tried and tested journey to identify where they are and what they need to be truly high performing. Coaching means the answers are available in the team they just need experienced coaches to tease them out to enable the team to be great.

Team coaching is suitable for all teams ready to work hard and take responsibility for results…and the credit for them too.

Systemic and Transformational Team Coaching is based on the 5 disciplines of Team Performance

(Source: Peter Hawkins – Leadership Team Coaching, 2nd edition)

Team development activities

Sometimes you need to inject something specific to get your team back on track or ready for the next challenge. We can provide a range of team development activities to meet your specific need.

We prefer to work with you to design a session just for you but some examples of work we have done might inspire you.

Established team?

Comparing your team to a Team Effectiveness model:

  • Test trust, accountability, commitment and focus
  • Building and repairing the strengths and weaknesses
  • Roles and responsibility around challenge and support

New team?

A session to establish the basics:

  • The purpose of the team
  • Identifying the priorities
  • Who is in the team
  • What do they bring and how will we communicate?

High performing team that wants to stay there?

Know why you are great and move to the next step:

  • Are you a team or a tribe?
  • How connected are you to the organisation?
  • How are the external relationships for this team?
  • What is the difference that makes the difference and how can you keep it going?
  • What is the capability of those who report to you?

The Business Outcomes

What will your teams be able to do?

  • Focus on clear contribution to achieving the strategic aims of your organisation through the specific role the team plays.
  • Consistently demonstrate the required behaviours your organisation has identified as being the ‘way we work around here’.
  • Build and maintain productive relationships with stakeholders, internal and external colleagues.
  • Consolidate trust between members of the team that is demonstrated by being held to account and holding others to it.
  • Use support and challenge to bring out the best in everyone, making the best decisions and solving problems quickly and without blame.

Our big claim for business impact

  • A measurable contribution to the strategic aims of your organisation.
  • Higher performance and less stress through using skilful interpersonal strategies and building mature relationships.
  • Cross functional working harnessing the strengths of colleagues for the greater good.
  • People committed to give of their best, be accountable and hold others to account through support and challenge leading to great ideas worked up and taken to market.

We just need inspiring

Want an inspirational speaker for your team or organisation away day?  We can speak on a range of subjects that will engage your people and support their development.  Examples of sessions we have delivered recently:

  • How to be the best you can be
  • Courageous conversations
  • Leading from within
  • Making impact through presentations
  • Building better relationships
  • What really motivates people?

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