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What got you here won’t get them there

Human beings love to categorise, don’t they? When we talk about generations, we are usually referring to our family, who fits where and how we can trace them back. Or we use it to complain about their music.  When marketeers talk about generations, they mean people grouped together sharing birth years spanning 15-20 years who share certain characteristics.  Based on…
Sharpstone Skinner
March 17, 2023

Are you meeting or working?

At a recent away day, a team were trying to get a date in the diary for a meeting. Everyone kept saying “I can’t do that date, I’m working.” We were going around in circles until the team’s leader said “We need to rethink our attitude to meetings – when we have a meeting, that IS work!”
Sharpstone Skinner
January 5, 2023

25 Years Part 2 – Looking Forward

On 4th November we were 25 years old.  How did that happen??  In some ways, it seems like a few months ago that we started our consultancy but when we think about it, a lot has happened in our little world of Learning and Development (admittedly not as much as has happened in the wider world even in the last…
Sharpstone Skinner
December 1, 2022

Collaboration – It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire

It has been said that competition makes us faster but collaboration makes us better. Collaboration means everyone can contribute: you get to use all the experience in your team, not just some of it.  Not only does a collaborative culture enable you to ensure opportunities and risks are more transparent and manageable, it also makes work more enjoyable and satisfying.…
Sharpstone Skinner
May 25, 2022