Chief Executive Hillel Horwitz says…

We contacted Sharpstone Skinner when we needed to work on ourselves as a senior team. Our company had grown and evolved over a fairly short period of time and I needed my fellow directors to be fully aligned and behind what we were doing, so they could continue to lead our small but significant team to high performance.


Sharpstone Skinner advised…

a series of facilitated sessions with the senior team to establish our purpose and ways of working, our priorities as a leadership team and to understand each other’s style and approach better.

What happened next?

I worked with Helena to plan these sessions which she facilitated over a period of a year, sometimes as part of our SLT meetings, and sometimes as distinct sessions of their own.

What results did we see?

I started to observe my fellow directors develop from a group of dedicated but sometimes conflicting individuals, to a team of high supportive, constructively challenging people, who get more done and are less distracted by side issues. The organisation generally is better managed and we are able to focus on what we need to do to achieve our 5 year goals. We have also, with Helena’s help, been able to introduce proper performance management systems so our staff can expect good communication, direction and development from their senior team. This means staff are more engaged and morale is consistently higher across all areas of the business.

We like working with Sharpstone Skinner because…

Helena is a pleasure to work with. She brings a wealth of experience to any training issue, and is able to see beyond training into the commercial objectives behind what she is doing. She is so professional and is always well prepared, which appeals to my sense of OCD-ness. More to the point, she has the people skills to deal with the tough nuts in our team (of which we have a few), and the personality to win people over. For me personally I found having her in my corner during a time of great change as a real boost. She is so supportive and has an amazing positive energy. She made me believe things were going to improve when I was beginning to doubt, and is always great at ensuring those positive changes are not forgotten. Perhaps most important, she is a really nice person.

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