Head of Legacy Fundraising Dan Carter says…

We engaged Sharpstone Skinner at my previous organisation and I liked their approach and expertise. When I took over the Legacies team here at Marie Curie, I had ambitious plans and I wanted a chance to build a strong team around me and develop my own skills to lead them. I also wanted someone I could talk to behind the scenes who understood some of my challenges and could help me plan and problem solve.

Sharpstone Skinner advised…

regular executive coaching sessions where I could define clear goals and work towards them, bringing both regular subjects and current issues to the table and work them through with someone who listened, asked powerful questions and challenged me to think better and stretch myself and my team.

What happened next?

I booked 4 coaching sessions and they were so effective at helping me achieve my goals, I have made those sessions regular.  I meet with Helena every two months or so and I have also been able to discuss with her in detail, ways of developing my team beyond their technical expertise and ways I can lead the team to meet the considerable challenges ahead.  Helena has facilitated a number of sessions with the team too and we’ve all gained a lot from them.

What results did we see?

I have a much clearer idea of where I’m headed, both in my leadership of the team and my own career development.  We all understand what team working really is now and have adapted our approach to develop better relationships with each other but also outside the team.  My own team heads have been able to benefit from what I’ve learned with Helena and they are growing in style, approach and their ability to take on more.  Most important of all, Legacy income continues to rise and I know that is due in part to the work I’ve done on myself and my team with help from Sharpstone Skinner.

We like working with Sharpstone Skinner because…

They are very knowledgeable and insightful, Helena gives advice and support which is practical and can be applied directly to the work place.  She has been an excellent sounding board and has provided support on developing my team and leadership skills in a non-condescending way, giving me enough guidance to go ahead and develop my knowledge independently.  Plus Helena makes it fun and her delivery is always clear and very easy to understand.  She is great to work with!

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