Head of HR Nicole Cowins says…

As a growing business with an ambitious workforce, we have a strong commitment to learning and development. With no internal function, we were keen to develop a strong partnership with a company who could deliver on most or all of our training and coaching needs and we found this when we met Helena and Caryn from Sharpstone Skinner. We had a range of requirements we were able to discuss with them.

Sharpstone Skinner advised…

that where group needs existed, we respond with a mix of energetic and practical courses and workshops. Then when ad hoc requests came in, we discussed them together and agreed on the best responses. Over the two years, we have worked together, requests have included coaching and mentoring, supporting aspiring and new managers, developing senior managers and facilitating team sessions.

What happened next?

We were able to run a programme of events with a “something for everyone” flavour. Feedback has been great and we could see people apply their learning on the job, in meetings and with both internal and external colleagues.

What results did we see?

Our managers are better equipped for their role and are playing their part in keeping people challenged and motivated. Team members feel invested in and are enjoying any training they attend and putting ideas into action quickly. Some of the best results we’ve seen are when Helena or Caryn work with individuals at Pocket. Their coaching and mentoring has meant that we’ve been able to correct and improve performance early on, develop good managers to become future leaders and encourage our people to take responsibility for tasks and projects quickly and with confidence.

We like working with Sharpstone Skinner because our people genuinely enjoying the training provided and feel at ease in their sessions. This means everyone gets the best out of coaching and training. The programmes are run with individual needs in mind so there is never a situation where someone feels they have not benefited. Helena and Caryn are both inspiring, motivating and approachable, all the attributes you want when looking for an L&D partner.

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