Fundraising Director Martin Bishop says…

We want our fundraisers to be the best in the business and this means investing in developing them beyond their more immediate fundraising skills. We identified a range of needs around them honing their ability to present, build strong relationships and remain resilient in the face of challenges.

Sharpstone Skinner advised…

a programme of workshops and courses designed to address our specific needs. Each event would enable participants to learn new skills, stretch themselves and also engage with each other and do a bit of team learning.

What happened next?

The events took place and people were really enthusiastic about them. I have worked with Helena and Caryn in other organisations so I knew their blend of energy and knowledge would fit well with the team and our culture overall. They were even able to adapt the training to an online workshop format, so we could continue developing and motivating the team during lockdown due to Covid-19, where they needed the skills on offer, more than ever.

What results did we see?

My team were able to apply what they learned immediately. They have those kinds of jobs where they need to be self-reliant and think on their feet. We saw an improvement to people’s presentation skills straight away and that has a big impact on our ability to engage with donors, get our message across and raise much-needed funds.

We like working with Sharpstone Skinner because…

They are experienced, insightful, have a great cross-sector view; and it’s enjoyable!

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